Laughing Liberally – Letters To The American Voter


Lee Camp is the head writer and host of the weekly comedy news show Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp on RT America. He’s a former contributor to The Onion, former staff humor writer for the Huffington Post, and his web series Moment of Clarity has been viewed by millions. He’s toured the country and the world with his fierce brand of political stand-up comedy, and George Carlin’s daughter Kelly said he’s one of the few comics keeping her father’s torch lit. His TV show and podcast can be found at

Frank Conniff is a writer and actor. He portrayed Frank on Mystery Science Theater 3000, has written, produced and performed for TV and film including projects with Comedy Central, FX and Nickelodeon. His current project, Podhouse 90, is a scripted anthology series of original radio plays.

Jim David is a comedian and writer seen on many shows including his special Comedy Central Presents Jim David, Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn and many others. He performs worldwide and his three comedy CDs are available on ITunes. He recently authored his first novel You’ll Be Swell, available on Amazon.

Will Durst is acknowledged by peers and press alike as one of the premier political satirists in the country.  He has patched together a comedy quilt of a career, weaving together columns, books, radio and television commentaries, acting, voice overs and most especially, stand up comedy, into a hilarious patchwork of outraged and outrageous common sense. His abiding motto is “You can’t make stuff up like this.” The New York Times calls him “possibly the best political comic in the country.” Fox News agrees “he’s a great political satirist,” while the Oregonian hails him as a “hilarious stand-up journalist.” This former radio talk host, oyster shucker, and margarine smuggler currently writes a nationally syndicated humor column, and his scribblings have appeared in Esquire, George, the San Francisco Chronicle, National Lampoon, The New York Times and scads of other periodicals.

Julianna Forlano is a writer, performer, professor and political satirist. She is the host of The Julianna Forlano Show on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC and The Progressive Voices Radio Network. Her writing can be found on, and other outlets. Ms. Forlano  co-produces the Laughing Liberally Lab live comedy show in NYC and has spoken and  performed in theaters and clubs across the country and overseas. She teaches at in the Department of Television and Radio at Brooklyn College and currently lives in NYC.

Negin Farsad was named a 2013 TEDFellow (and gave a TEDTalk, complete with one of those face microphone thingees). She was also recently named one of the 50 Funniest Women by the Huffington Post and one of Good Magazine’s GOOD100 for her work in social justice comedy. She has written for, created, and appeared on Comedy Central’s Watch List,  MTV’s Detox, Nickelodeon’s Book of Mom & Class Parents, AOL’s The One and PBS’s 1001 Nights among others. She is director/producer of the feature film release Nerdcore Rising as well as director/producer/cast of feature release The Muslims Are Coming! For her film work, she was awarded the Lifetime Television Women in Filmmaking award. She is currently in post-producton on 3rd Street Blackout. She wasn’t always a shifty artist type. Previously, she was a policy adviser for the City of New York before going full hog in the world of comedy.

Matthew Filipowicz is a comedian, cartoonist, satirist and host of the independent progressive radio program, the Matthew Filipowicz Show. His work has been seen on CNN, NPR, PBS, HBO, the BBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, the Nation, the London Times, Ain’t It Cool News, and much more. He has given a keynote address at Yale University and has spoken at many national conferences. He is the national coordinator for Laughing Liberally and the head of Laughing Liberally Boston. You can find him at

Katie Halper is a comic, writer, blogger, satirist and filmmaker based in New York. A co-founder/performer in Laughing Liberally, Katie has performed at Town Hall, Symphony Space, The Culture Project, D.C. Comedy Festival, Netroots Nations, and The Nation Magazine Cruise, and has appeared with Lizz Winstead, Markos Moulitsas, The Yes Men, Cynthia Nixon and Jim Hightower. Her writing and videos have appeared in The New York Times, Comedy Central, The Nation Magazine, Gawker, Nerve, Jezebel, the Huffington Post, Alternet and Katie has been featured in/on NY Magazine, LA Times, In These Times, Gawker, Jezebel, MSNBC, Air America, GritTV, the Alan Colmes Show, Sirius radio and the National Review, which called Katie “cute and some what brainy.”. Katie’s latest project is her award-winning film, Commie Camp, a documentary about Camp Kinderland, the summer camp the right loves to hate.

Jeff Kreisler is the winner of the Bill Hicks Spirit Award for Thought Provoking Comedy, regular on-TV-face, author of Get Rich Cheating, writer for Current’s The War Room with Jennifer Granholm (and her 2012 DNC speech), TED talker, Executive Producer of Tony Hendra’s The Final Edition, radio host, comedy blogger, cast member of Lizz Winstead’s Shoot The Messenger, and star of several international comedy festivals.  He dissects America with passion, absurdity, and hope. His political tour, Comedy Against Evil, has toured the world and he’s been praised by the likes of The New York Times, CNBC, Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Rachel Maddow and, of course, Penthouse. After stops at Princeton, Virginia Law School, and San Francisco, Jeff now naps in New York.

Leighann Lord is a stand-up comedian who’s been seen on Lifetime’s Girls Night Out, ABC’s The View, Comedy Central, and The Original HBO Def Comedy All Star Jam.  She’s performed for U. S. troops stationed in the Middle East and her comedy album, I’ve Got Connections, is played heavily on Sirius satellite radio. And she is currently a popular guest co-host on Neil Tyson’s Star Talk Radio. Leighann’s weekly humor column, The Urban Erma, is featured in Stage Time Magazine. She has contributed to The Huffington Post and wrote for the pilot of The Chris Rock Show. You can keep up with her at or @LeighannLord

Dean Obeidallah is a former lawyer turned award winning political comedian and writer. He co-starred on Comedy Central’s Axis of Evil special, and has appeared on ABC’s The View, “Comics Unleashed,” and can be seen frequently on MSNBC and CNN.  Dean also co-directed/co-produced the recently released documentary “The Muslims Are Coming!” which uses comedy to counter Islamaphobia. He’s the co-creator of the annual NY Arab-American Comedy Festival and is also a columnist for The Daily Beast.  His website for more details is

Ken Schultz is a comedian currently living in New York City and touring throughout the country (mostly Wisconsin).  His writing has been featured in National Lampoon and on the Someecards blog TL;DR Wikipedia.  A proud Chicago native and lifelong Cub fan, he hopes to live long enough to see their next five game winning streak.  Follow him on Twitter at @kenthinguy.

Justin Krebs (creator and editor) is a political and cultural writer, organizer and entrepreneur based in New York City. He is a co-founder of Living Liberally, the national network of progressive social communities, including the Drinking Liberally happy hours, Laughing Liberally comedy events and Screening Liberally film series. He is also a founder of The Tank, a non-profit home for emerging artists and public affairs in Manhattan. He is the author of 538 Ways to Live, Work and Play Like a Liberal and an upcoming book with The New Press.