Laughing Liberally – Letters To The American Voter

About Laughing Liberally

Laughing Liberally is a national comedy project to save democracy one laugh at a time. If you believe comedians often communicate more effectively than most politicians, then we’re the gang for you.  Our performers deliver progressive punchlines and punditry around the country — in a long-running show in New York, and at local chapters across America.  This team of comic commentators tours performing arts centers, college campuses, regional theaters and national political conventions.

Laughing Liberally also develops creative campaigns with progressive advocates and non-profits.  We have worked with labor unions, immigration rights activists, good government initiatives, women’s rights organizations and a host of campaigns across social and economic justice issues.

Laughing Liberally is a program of Living Liberally, which creates social communities around progressive politics across America and around the world.  Living Liberally is best know for its network of several hundred Drinking Liberally happy hours, as well as Screening Liberally films, Reading Liberally book clubs and Eating Liberally meals.  These events are centers of progressive energy in our country’s most conservative corners as well as metropolitan areas.

Wherever you are, you can live liberally and laugh liberally — by starting or finding a chapter near you.  Visit