Laughing Liberally – Letters To The American Voter

From the Desk of Laughing Liberally:

It’s been a year of international conflict, domestic distress and Congressional dysfunction.  And then, the midterms happened.

We decided there are only two responses: cry alone, or laugh together—and we know which we’ll choose.

For 10 years, Laughing Liberally has been lifting you out of those Blue State Blues while making Red State Republicans red in the face.  We’ve ranted and vented, lampooned and lambasted, joked, poked, prodded and pestered.

Now, we focus our aim at the issues that dominated our news cycle this election season.

We brought together some of the top talent in the Laughing Liberally world to share what they believe Americans should think about this campaign season. Our contributors have appeared on Comedy Central, the late-night circuit, the Broadway stage, NPR, cable TV, they have written for the Onion, top political news sites and political candidates and they are regulars at comedy clubs as well as political conventions.

Each comedian penned her or his own letter — so these pages include a range of voices and views.  Taken together, they are a rollicking romp through today’s electoral dysfunctions.  And be warned: there is profanity.  This ain’t no Tea Party, after all.

With contributions from Lee Camp, Frank Conniff, Jim David, Will Durst, Negin Farsad, Matthew Filipowicz, Julianna Forlano, Katie Halper, Jeff Kreisler, Leighann Lord, Dean Obeidallah and Ken Schultz.  Conceived and assembled by Justin Krebs.

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